We have been manufacturing shim since 1999.

Shim comes in a variety of non-ferrous and ferrous types of material. It is supplied in a variety of thickness and widths and is usually a temper hardened product. It is known throughout the industry as thin pieces of metal that are extremely useful in leveling machine tools or as a tool to align and adjust machinery. For example pumps, fans compressors, die stamping machines, gear boxes, motorized machinery, etc. Shim materials also assist in mechanical modifications that require tight tolerances, cutting down on the time and cost involved in grinding and machining parts.


We carry a large assortment of alloys in a variety of widths and thicknesses ranging from .0005 to .032 in thickness and standard widths of 6" inches and 12" inches. Lengths of 50" to 12" inches. By stocking a large ready to ship packaged inventory. We can deliver any of our stock items within a day or two anywhere across Canada